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Custom Silk Scarf Printing

Custom Silk Scarf Printing

Silk Scarves Custom Printed Made in the UKMade in the UK

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We make personalised silk scarves to order in just a few days. Digital silk scarf printing on highest grade silk. You design on-line, then we pr...

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Print Your Own Silk Scarf

  • Custom printed silk scarf in 4 sizes
  • Satin or Georgette silk choice
  • All over full colour print, with fine baby hem

Care instruction

These are the slightly fussier fabrics, who need a little more tender love and care when shoving them in the wash. These particular individuals can’t take the heat so make sure you play it cool and you should all get along swimmingly.

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Low Heat
  • Tumble
  • No Wring

Silk Scarf Printing With London Manufacturer

Digitally printed scarves, cut and hemmed. Handmade, and yours in a few days.


  • Dimensions - 90x90, 115x115, 133x105, 135x31cm
  • Silk Satin (85gsm) or Silk Georgette (50gsm)

Make a collection, or treat yourself or a loved one to hemmed silk scarves. Printed and sewn by our in-house team, the fabulous scarves are made from 100% real silk and have a beautifully soft and floaty feel. Popular with fashion and textile designers, as well as making the perfect 12th anniversary silk gift too. Upload your design, photo, or collage and create something special.


Designers Choice For Making Scarves

We get many designers printing and creating with us as the preferred choice for production and printing of quality silk scarves. They like the superior silk we source and the amazing ink and fixing methods we use to provide bright vivid colours fused into the silk fibres. Another reason is that our hem is excellent. Our seamstresses make the highest quality hem and have years of experience making personalised silk scarves with us. Overall this is perfect for the designer who needs silk scarf printing on demand, and the sewing on demand too. Create a custom printed silk scarves collection, with no minimum order.


Create Your Own Art Scarf Collection

We have various sizes and silks to print on giving you an array of formats to choose from. Our print technique and sewing prowess is as good as it gets, so if you are really interested in creating silk scarves for resale, fashion collection or private wardrobe, then we are well suited. We also have organisations making them for unique messaging from a creative business to significant clients, buyers and prospects. People know a quality silk scarf is a supreme standard of quality, and we are steeped with ability to provide silk scarf printing services to be your custom silk scarf manufacturer.


Designing Personalised Silk Scarves On-line Is Easy With Us

We have an app that allows you to print your own scarf after you have designed it in our system. Upload your design, pattern or photo and let us do the digital printing and silk scarves manufacture. It is our wish that you have an excellent on-line experience, and that it's a simple procedure for you to get your gorgeous silk piece in a few days. Printing on silk scarves then becomes a simple exercise for you, just push the button.


The Perfect Addition to Your Wardrobe

A real silk scarf is a classic garment to own and a must for most ladies to enjoy. They come in various sizes and an infinite array of colours or design choices since you are the one creating the design with us, perhaps for for gifts or to enhance a wardrobe. Add your photos or designs, use our on-line tool to create a montage to mark a special event. We are not so expensive and we compare favourably to somewhere like Liberty's with our custom silk scarf price too.


Personalised Packaging

Our Real Silk Scarf is so special, that we felt it deserved a unique way to be presented. If your silk scarf is a gift, then why not make it complete with its own customised presentation tin? When you design your silk scarf, you have the option of choosing your packaging and one of these options is a custom presentation tin. You can create a design on the lid to match the design of your scarf, or even create a personalised message for the recipient. Keep the tin to present your silk scarf or use it for a keepsake.


Classic 12th Anniversary Gift - The Silk Scarf

Make a bespoke custom printed hand made silk scarf to mark your 12th anniversary. Make the most classic of all 12th anniversary presents for your wife, or husband. Use a special photo or collage or write something to celebrate the twelve years of marriage. Real silk is the classic twelfth anniversary material and you can custom print it especially for the silk 12th wedding anniversary. We also offer a neat and unusual packaging idea of a custom tin case to gift wrap your wonderful scarf in, making a complete and considered gift for someone you love.


Silk Grain: Please note that the grain of the fabric can result in a slightly wavy edge, apparent on 2 sides of the hemmed fabric. This is due to the natural softness of the silk. Due the delicate nature and soft handle of real silk the edges can be wavy, and this is to be expected, especially on the Georgette.


Care: We recommend dry cleaning only. A delicate fabric needs to be treated with care to ensure a long life.

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