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Photo Quilts

Photo Quilts

Personalised Patchwork Quilt

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High quality luxurious hand crafted custom printed photo quilts. Create heirloom quilts with your photos, and design personalised quilts or fami...

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Luxury Photo Quilts

  • 7 sizes of gorgeous handmade quilts
  • Sumptuous thick and warm
  • Collage quilt with photos, with montage app
  • Duchess satin photo prints in highest quality
  • 10 year guarantee on print, material & stitching

Care instruction

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Seven Sizes

  • Cot, Crib, Mini lap (70x110cm or 27x43") - Baby memento to love forever
  • Lap, Sofa Comforter (100x110cm or 39x43") - Keep cosy and enjoy memories
  • Kids (100x148cm or 39x58") - Personalised kids classic for them to keep
  • Classic Single (135x200cm or 53x78") - Fabulous bedspread or throw
  • Double (200x200cm or 78x78") - Major room design feature and talking point
  • King (220x220cm or 86x86") - Celebration of life and love centrepiece
  • Super King (260x220cm or 102x86") - The emperor of heirlooms and bedroom design

Do You Have any Design Tips or Ideas?

The colour that you choose for the back of your photo patchwork quilt will also be used for the border on the front. Choose from lilac, ivory or pink, selecting the best colour to complement your design. The border is a classic design feature of a patchwork photo quilt, and gives your quilt a homemade charm. To recreate the look of a patchwork quilt, choose to make a photo collage where you can print loads of your favourite snaps. It's a contemporary alternative to traditional patchwork style blankets. Simply upload your photos and select more than 1 in the design interface. Here you'll be able to choose from ready-made montage styles or rearrange the photos manually to create your own. 

Memory Quilts For Reminiscing

Enjoying memories is one of life's wonderful experiences. One way to encapsulate memories into a featured item, is to make this luxury quilt with your photos, art, and words to tell a story. Our memory photo quilts are made by Bags of Love's highly skilled printers and seamstresses, so your memory photo quilt will be handled with love, can be with you in days, to be handed down for years. 

Make Your Own Collage Quilt

An absolute classic, is make your own collage photo quilt. The design space is yours. You can make the design any way you like combining photos, text, or other graphical elements that we custom print for you, to turn into the photo collage quilt. You press start design above and upload your photo selection and our collage app will automatically generate a collage on your quilt. This is very easy to use and to see alternative versions.  

Montage Personalised Patchwork Quilt With Pictures

Our montage patchwork quilt is a thing we are famous for. We concentrate on making loving picture gifts across a range of products, and we know the photo montage patchwork quilt is received as one of our most treasured gifts. Inspired by your pictures and custom printed according to your design, they become a personal family masterpiece. Our print and sewing quality is excellent, making the finished montage quilt a stunning piece of art at exceptional quality. 

Plan An Heirloom Quilt

These precious heirloom quilts are the highest standard in photo quilting and memory quilts. The images are beautifully printed and preserved to make the finished piece look really special and one of the best photo gifts you could possibly give. Not only can they portray the family, like a family tree quilt, but they are also perfect for handing down the family. The construction and build quality of our photo heirloom quilt is excellent, and they could easily last a hundred years. 

Make Photo Quilts for Granny and Mum

One of the many ways you can use our quilt is as a lap quilt. Absolutely perfect for Granny or Mum to sit with when they read, write or watch TV. Sit with your nearest and dearest pictured on a lap quilt and keep comforted and warm at the same time. Our lap quilts are great gifts and the recipient more often than not is moved to tears, in the best possible way, with our lap quilts. They are popular for 70th and 80th birthdays for Granny if that helps with an idea. 

Picture Quilt For Baby and Nursery Room

A lap quilt size can also make the perfect crib quilt for baby crib and nursery room. The crib quilt is such a beautiful item and will last the entire life of the child through to adulthood making the most precious of lifelong possessions. Personalised quilts for babies make an ideal baby gift too. They are warm as well as being beautiful to look at. Crib quilts are often referred to as cot quilts too. The baby cot is usually the place for soft beautiful things for early baby years, and our cot quilt is no exception. You will definitely want to keep the cot quilt forever for the child to own in adulthood. 

Quilted Photo Memory Wall Hangings

Another great use for our quilts is as quilted photo memory wall hangings, something specifically hung up as wall art. The quilt itself is a piece of art, and hanging it on the wall is a tribute to it's artistic value and the photo content printed on it. Portrait quilts on the wall with images of family, hung like tapestry or fabric wall art has been happening for hundreds of years, such as at Hampton Court. 500 years and a digital revolution later we put this ability in your hands. Have your photos made up into a photo memory wall quilt that you can display on the wall in your home. Make and design memory quilts and image eiderdowns right here with Bags of Love. We make all our products including custom made personalized quilts. 

The Patchwork Choice Is Yours

You can have one picture on your quilt or make a collage quilt with several pictures or any layout to make a family heirloom. Use your pictures and create your design with us so we can print and sew your picture quilt to order. Imagine your photos or a collection of your children's child hood photos laid out and perfectly printed on a beautiful quilt. This is a modern twist on the classic patchwork quilt that makes a great keepsake for generations to come. You can of course have your photographic images printed onto fabric to continue the time honoured tradition of making the patchwork piece by piece. Satisfying to create, but personalised patchwork quilts will take a long time. We are here to help this happen so can supply photo fabric panels for you to quilt too, or we can just make the entire product design for you in one print that we turn into the gorgeous finished patchwork quilt with your photos. It is traditional to add a makers message label to a quilt too, so if you had a message to add for your quilt production, we can make the personalised quilt label too; a fabric printed label you can sew purchased from us as small print patch or sample prints perfect for that label. 

Memory Quilts For Dementia and Alzheimer's Gifts

We discovered from customers that this product has been a great help and comfort to families with dementia sufferers because the memories, printed as larger scale photos on lap or bed, prompt people to recall events and family members. This has been viewed as helpful by the families who use the memory quilt as gift for Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers in this way. 


Care: Dry clean only. Do not put in washing machine or tumble dryer. Surface wash with mild soapy water and soft sponge. Treat well and it will last a lifetime. 10 year guarantee on print, material & stitching

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