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Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Borders

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Design your own wallpaper borders to add creativity, colour and personality to your home. Customise with designs to complement your home décor,...

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Wide Wallpaper Border Features

  • Versatile - walls, ceilings, stair risers
  • Gorgeous hand made paper finish
  • Buy the amount of strips you need, no waste
  • 147x22cm wide border strips
  • 2 / 10 year guarantee*
Fabric print sample and colour chart Order a sample

Order a small sample of your design. Print paper sample

Care instruction

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Personalised Wallpaper Borders: How it Works

Our wallpaper borders come in individual strips at 146 x 22 cm, custom printed with your photos or design. All instructions on how to install your border paper are provided with your order, but we always recommend reading our Wallpaper Installation Guide for best results. 

Step 1: Measure Up

Using a measure, measure the room or wall that you're looking to decorate with bespoke borders, so you only buy enough strips and don't end up with a lot of waste. It's always better to have a bit too much than too little, so compensate for errors etc and buy an extra strip. 

Step 2: Upload Photos or Design

Upload your image, text or artwork then position your image until happy. If the low quality warning appears,ry scaling your image down, or adding a tile effect.

Step 3: Choose you wallpaper border paper

Standard: Our standard paper is a textured matte finish non-tear paper. With permanent print and good print quality, colour fastness is guaranteed for 2 years in optimal condition (not in direct sunlight). Paste the back of the paper then hang. If covering a dark coloured wall, a lining paper or coat of white paint is recommended.

Key Features:

  • Strong and durable non-tear, non-fray paper
  • Water based inks
  • Wipe clean with damp sponge
  • Eco paper, with no solvents or odours
  • Tough - scratch & abrasion resistant

Premium: Our premium paper is water activated, with a lightly textured matte finish. Spray the Wall installation (simply spray the wall and hang your borders, sliding them into place). Permanent non-fade print, 10 year guarantee, super sharp print quality, opaque paper.

Key Features:

  • Pre-coated with adhesive, spray the wall and position - no need for paste
  • Fade resistant 10 year guarantee
  • Wipe clean with damp sponge
  • Opaque
  • Fast and clean installation time
  • Water based inks
  • Odour free, certified ECO-print, suitable for any space, incl. hospitals
  • Tough - scratch & abrasion resistant

Brushed Textured: Quick and easy to apply, matte, textured finish. Tear-resistant and easy to clean. Paste the wall application. Permanent non-fade print, 10 year guarantee. Sharp, high quality print. 

Key Features:

  • Paste the wall, not the paper, meaning no need for paste table etc.
  • Quick and easy application, paste the wall, not the wallpaper
  • Can be easily removed when dry, without damaging walls (if the walls are prepared correctly before hanging)
  • Strong, tear resistant construction
  • Breathable formulations, resists mould and mildew
  • Washable using mild soap and water
  • Bio-Proof, special formulation prevents bacteria or mould growth
  • Suitable for bathrooms
Linen Textured Wallpaper: Quick and easy to apply, matte, with linen yarn embossed textured finish. Tear-resistant and easy to clean. Paste the wall application. Permanent non-fade print, 10 year guarantee. Sharp, high quality print. 

Key Features:

  • Paste the wall, not the paper, meaning no need for paste table etc.
  • Fade resistant 10 year guarantee.
  • Wipe clean with damp sponge.
  • Opaque.
  • Fast and clean installation time.
  • Water based inks.
  • Odour free, certified ECO-print, suitable for any space, including hospitals.
  • Certified FSC paper source
  • Tough, scratch and abrasion resistant.


Should you need to clean your bedroom borders, gently wipe with a mild, soapy sponge, using as little moisture as possible. Do not 'scrub' - whilst the inks will not run, a natural nap in the paper might become apparent.

Mounting Your Border

Before you start applying your borders, use a spirit level to mark out all your measurements on the wall. Keep it handy, as you’ll need it to adjust your borders to make sure you get the perfect fit. For the Standard paper, mix good quality wallpaper paste, according to the instructions on the packet; we recommend you use Solvite Extra Strong or Murabond. Paste the reverse of your borders using a 3” brush, then apply to your wall. You should be able to reposition it slightly whilst the paste is still moist. We strongly recommend you refer to our Wallpaper Installation Guide before attempting to install yourself.

Wallpaper Installation Instructions UK

Download our full hanging instructions here

Do You Have any Design Tips or Ideas?

Each wall border paper strip is 147 x 22cm, so make sure that you measure the total length that you need. For example, if the wall you're looking to personalise is 155cm wide, then you'll need 2 strips. You can print a single design or create a photo collage for a funky photo memory wallpaper border. 

Wall Borders Design Inspiration

Give your home a touch of class and recreate Victorian style bedroom borders for the ceiling. Creating faux coving is a unique way to bring period features to modern houses. Use them to break up your bedroom, as a boundary between two different paint colours, or place above and below a traditional dado rail. 

Design your own children's wallpaper borders to give their rooms quirky individuality. For boys, wallpaper borders featuring comic book characters, cars or sports will look great and their friends will love it. Or for little ones, dinosaur wallpaper border is a fun design that will also trigger their curiosity for learning. Another creative idea is a slightly messy one, but totally worth it; get out the paint and let them create kids wallpaper borders using their hand and footprints. Scan the image and upload it into our design tool. 

Celebrate the arrival of your new baby and personalise the nursery wallpaper borders with the alphabet, numbers or colours. Or, create a photo montage of their very first pictures - a beautiful way to capture the memories of their first days on Earth. 

There’s so many ways you can use our wide wallpaper borders in your home. Use individual border paper strips for each step for an original staircase design. Wallpaper Stair Risers are a great way of breathing life into a bare wooden staircase, and the contrast between the blank steps and the colorful risers creates a bold contrast that’s bound to get guests talking.  

TIP!: We are here to advise if there is anything you need to discuss before installation. Once the material has been applied to the wall, the product is deemed accepted and cannot be claimed as defective due to variations in mounting, adhesives, handling, and local environment (including humidity, heat, weathering). Once you decide to cover the wall, we cannot be held liable for preparing or pasting wall. Please read our Wallpaper Installation Guide before attempting to install and feel free to Contact Us if you need more information.

Quantity Discount

Like many of products, the custom wallpaper borders come with a quantity discount, so buy several strips to decorate your home and save money today.

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