Make Your Own Cushions

Plump, soft and stylish, our 'make your own cushions' add a touch of personality to your rooms. Print your own cushion covers & pillows for a unique accessory.

How to Make Your Own Cushions

Step 1: Choose your style

Decide what shape and size cushion you'd like. There's large floor cushions, romantic heart shaped cushions and even sausage shaped bolster cushions. 

Step 2: Choose your fabric

Most of our cushions come with gorgeous fabric options so you can really make it your own. Think about whether it's going to be a decorative cushion or used to snuggle up with. Check out the material choices for each cushion to help you decide. 

Step 3: Choose your product options

There's a variety of customisation options such as zip pendant style, a choice of colours for the reverse, feather or polyester padding, braiding trim. This guarantees that your cushion is 100% unique. 

Step 4: Upload your photos or designs

Now it's time to start designing. Upload your photos or images within our design tool. If you're going for a photo collage cushion, select the montage option where you can choose from preset patterns or create your own. 

Step 5: Edit your design

Make sure your cushion looks exactly how you want it to. Move it around, add a filter, overlay some text or even add an effect. The design system will let you know if your photos or images are of good quality, so if they're not, we suggest resizing or uploading another. 

You can customise your cushions with any photo, pattern, slogan or graphic design to get the ideal furnishings for your home. Make your own cushions using our online designing tool, where you can upload and edit photos or use our extensive image library for icons, shapes and extra details. Create a gorgeous photo montage, a unique way to display memories from a favourite holiday or special event. 

We have a variety of cushion options that come with luxury duck feather padding, including throw cushion sets, floor cushions or, if you've already got the actual cushion, simply print your own cushion cover. Whether it's for you or a loved one, personalised cushions perfectly capture the essence of elegant décor.