Photo Skirt

Make a statement and print your images on your very own photo skirt. Choose from different styles, lengths & materials for your skirts. Handmade to order with your design. Just for you.

Make your own photo skirt

With personalised skirts, you can literally wear the best day of your life. If you spent your honeymoon on a beautiful beach watching the best sunset ever, if you went hiking with your family and at the top you saw the most beautiful view of the world around you, even if you went backpacking through the jungle on your gap year, those stunning photos that you took could make the best skirt you've ever seen. Immortalise your memories, and share them with the world in a whole new way with a custom made photo skirt. 

Diversity over time

Throughout the history of the skirt, new designs have been created. New lengths, new drapes, styles have come into fashion that had previously been unheard of. But unlike with other garments, these new designs never took the place of the old ones, they merely added to the diverse range. A rise in the popularity of shorter skirts took the nation by storm, but it never became unfashionable to wear a longer skirt. This unique take on the growth and progression of skirts has made for a truly interesting garment. From the micro to the maxi, skirts of all shapes and sizes are worn every day by so many people. 

Dare to be different

With such an extraordinary history, it can seem tricky to find your own individuality when it comes to wearing a skirt. When you make your own photo skirt, everything is printed just as you create it, giving you the control and the chance to truly stand out from the crowd. Create a look that is truly yours, and wear it with pride. You can upload photos, images, even artwork or paintings to our intuitive interface to produce a design that means something to you and make a skirt with a real difference. 

Designed to last

From the fabrics that our in-house designer has chosen to the state-of-the-art printing methods, every part of your photo skirt is designed to last. Research into suppliers and materials to learn about their characteristics, their comfort and their durability, ensures that each and every textile is perfect for the task at hand. Deep-infusion print techniques penetrate eco-friendly inks deep into the fibres of the material, creating a bond, for a print that is resistant to fading, washing, scratching and peeling, whilst maintaining the original feel of the fabric. 

Dance the night away

We know that when it comes to dressing up or dressing down for that matter, that comfort is key. That's why each and every fabric is chosen to make sure that not only do you look fantastic but that you feel fabulous as well. Restrictive clothes are no good for those nights where you have your dancing shoes on, you need to feel it just as much as you want to look the part. Enjoy comfort as you've never known it, and truly shine.