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Personalised Bunting

Personalised Bunting

Personalised Bunting Flags

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Hand-crafted fabric bunting for indoors and out. Fun Christmas bunting, unique birthday and name bunting for weddings with letters or photos. Ma...

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Handmade Strong Printed Bunting

  • Generous 10m of bunting in two 5m strips
  • Beautifully printed fabric 3.5 flags per meter
  • Full colour, sewn in strips, ready to hang
  • Triangular or square flags sewn in strips
  • Your design printed on one side

Care instruction

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

Design Your Own Bunting Right Here

Make personalised bunting for your party, wedding or Christmas. Create perfect flags to set the party scene and to welcome friends and family. Personalised bunting is a great form of modern decoration that can be reused at specific events, in home or at the office. Make your own bunting and design on-line today using names, letters, logos or art. It's easy to design and we have a bunting app! Yes design each single flag anyway you like to make a custom string of bunting specifically for your occasion. Our bunting fabric is made from recycled material too. Try out the design system to see what your bunting could look like. It's free and fun to try.


Birthday Bunting With Name and Age

Is a birthday coming up? Are you on the organisation team? Do you want to show your artistic side to guests when decorating a birthday venue? One easy solution is to use us to print personalised decoration flags for the event.  If you are the one organising the birthday party then do not forget about this special product, and make your bunting personalised for birthday decoration to enhance the party. Instantly transform the venue and impress the guests with our custom bunting, so much better than off the shelf.


Decoration Bunting For Weddings

When decorating wedding venues you need to put a great deal of effort into making the event special for the wedding couple and all the guests. Personalised bunting for weddings is just the ideal accessory to help create the atmosphere. Bunting for weddings will make a finishing touch and a lasting impression on your guests.  Printed bunting not only decorates inside the venues, but it can also be hung over doorways, through halls and across dining rooms. And if you made a great design it will become a wedding keepsake from the special day for years to come.


Bunting Decoration For Parties

These superb bunting flags can be reused over and over again and you will never grow tired of your personalised party bunting. Make multi-coloured photo bunting, or print your pictures on these bunting flags.  Party bunting suspended around your party room or garden is a highlight decoration.  Create an unforgettable atmosphere and jazz up any party at home or venue. Our product quality is so good that it will remain strong for many years and will look superb year after year. If you have a regular annual event or street party, our bunting strings are ideal to use and reuse time after time.


Street Party Bunting With Words

With the resurgence of street parties all over the United Kingdom, we are a popular supplier of custom bunting for the occasion, be it Royal Wedding, baby bunting, Diamond Jubilee bunting or just personalised bunting for your street, we are able to make and send in a few days. The great British tradition of street parties is all the better for our bunting decorations. String some up on your street, and remember it can be reused next year, or even added too if you are building up your street party assets.


Celebrate With Union Jack Bunting or Your National Flag

We made lots of beautiful personalised flags for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Royal Wedding, and Olympic decorations in UK. You too can make your own bunting in vintage or modern Union Jack with letters on. Make a message to special visitors with your own personalised bunting flags custom made for the occasion. Even with Union Jack bunting you can still overlay names or letters over the union flag. We have the Union Jack freely available in our system for you to use, as well as the flag of Wales (the Red Dragon), the Saltire or St Andrews Cross for Scotland, The St George Cross for England, as well as other national flags eg USA flag bunting if you are celebrating national events. The flags are here in our image library and available for you to use in our design system with your own words, letters on top too. Select your flag and design away.


Make Your Own Decoration Bunting Flags

You can make Xmas bunting with names and or photos to dress your party. You can make your own decoration with your street name on it to be used and reused next street party, or you can make personal message on bunting flags for welcome home or happy birthday. Make your own bunting here in our on-line design system.


Design Christmas Bunting

Welcome Christmas with personalised flags with designs to suit your holiday season. Christmas bunting flags are a festive reminder of love and family warmth throughout this holiday season. You can print names of all family members to make the scene. Christmas flags personalised with family pictures is a unique idea for decorating your Christmas party. This year, as part of Christmas decoration, make your own personalised bunting flags using your best photographs or designs.

Please note: We print your personalised bunting on one side of the fabric. Your design is highlighted on one side, while the other side remains simple and white. 

Care: The material (latex) isn't waterproof itself, but the inks will survive the outdoors, rain and damp conditions, so your design won't fade. Your bunting will dry off and be good as new. 

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