10th Anniversary Gifts - Tin

Our collection of keepsake tins are the perfect 10th anniversary gifts. Fill your tin with photos, old love notes and trinkets for a magical 10 year anniversary gift.

Lovely Tin 10th Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

Tin doesn't rust, and clearly neither does your marriage as you're now celebrating a decade of being husband and wife. Our cute keepsake tins are ideal for creating a nostalgic 10th anniversary gift. Print an old photo onto the lid and fill it with bits and pieces that have sentimental value and memories attached to them, and take a trip down memory lane. Ten years together is such a milestone, but you're probably done with all the flashy presents and extravagant gestures. Available in various different sizes and shapes, these 10 year anniversary gift tins are perfect tokens of your love and appreciation. They might be simple, but a keepsake needn't be anything else. 

Looking for an elegant present for your wife? Our tins are perfect 10th anniversary gifts for her as not only are they sentimental, but they have a multitude of uses include sewing kits, jewellery and even biscuits! When your present your gift tin, put some memorably photos inside and share a few moments reminiscing over the last 10 years of marriage.