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Multi Panel Canvas Prints

Multi Panel Canvas Prints

Multi Panel Canvas Art Made in the UKMade in the UK

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We have a wide range of sizes for all our standard canvas prints, so we can custom make a massive range of ideas. Triptychs and 4 panel canvases are the most popular but if you have any different, creative ideas we'll be more than happy to make it for you.

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Canvas Splits

  • 4 Panel canvas art
  • 1 image split into 4
  • Several size formats available
  • Interesting and different style

Care instruction

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

Multi Panel Shapes and Sizes

Here are some popular ideas for four panel canvas prints:

Format Over all size Panel sizes
Square with quarters 60x60cm 4 panels 30x30cm
Square with quarters 80x80cm 4 panels 40x40cm
Square with quarters 100x100cm 4 panels 50x50cm
Square with quarters 160x160cm 4 panels 80x80cm
Square with quarters 200x200cm 4 panels 100x100cm

The above are just some of the size treatments we can produce for you but there are plenty of other variations if you prefer to make a different shape or size.

Multi panel canvas prints. Your photo split onto separate canvas printed panels. Multi panel canvas art in a four way split or quad print.They come mirror wrap by default meaning if you butt them up together the image will be a perfect complete picture face-on.

Multi Panel Photos on Canvas

Sometimes one main photo doesn't do the trick: we need multi panels to really create an impression! Multi panel canvas prints are fantastic home interior ideas because, whilst they are very modern, they also retain the classic elegance of a professionally-printed photo. Overall, this technique is most effective for landscape shots of scenery or flora, but can also work equally well with dynamic action pictures. For example, if you have a lovely and high quality photo from your last holiday to the beaches in the south of France, how about displaying that memory on a canvas split into four main segments?

Multi Panel Canvas Art

It might not be the obvious thing to do with your photos, but its impact is demonstrably impressive, and this method of printing really does have the ability to transform any atmosphere in your home. There are so many different formats and sizes available for your multi panel canvas, so you can tell a great story through your photos. It is often the case that viewing a photo from one perspective means that whilst one gets a holistic sense of the picture, at the same time one lacks an understanding of its constituent parts. With this technique, however, the eye is drawn to and focused on a certain element of each photo, allowing for a more profound understanding of the photography skills involved and enhancing the impact of your photos.

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